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I have acne problem and the treatment is making it worse.What to do?

I am diagnosed with grade 2 acne and I have been prescribed the following medicines
1)zinderm an gel 2)Ahaglow s face wash 3)Benzac AC(5%) 4)UV acne sunscreen . My doctor asked me to stop Benzac for I was having a burning sensation after using it. It's been 1 week that I have started the medication but now I have more pimples on my face. They are not very big but small bumps almost all over my face. Should I continue the treatment or stop it? I have an oily and sensitive skin.(I am 24 year old female)
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first of all..stop using cosmetics even night cream lotion etc!!
stop eating spices or spicy food
drink fresh orange juice a lot
stop using medicines...let your skin heal through natural ways...
best mask for all skin problems is
take orange peel..dry it...crush it into fine powder..add drops of rose water in it and the apply it on your face and slowly massage...for up to 5 min...the wash it
+ drink min 8 glass of water /day
Thanks a lot. I am applying honey and lemon on my face every night. Is it okay? Can I use it every night?
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Use a powerful cleanser at least 3 times per day, use peal masks and and a scrub to remove dead skin. Make sure you hidrate your skin in the mornings to avoid skin pealing. You can also try detoxing your system and changing your diet to vegan or vegetarian. You can also use lemon juice once every two days, it's very acidic and kills most bacteria on you face. Keep going with your treat ment and wait about two months to see results. Good luck.
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Sounds like a lot of stuff to be putting on the skin!  Something that I use that works wonders is Aspirin!  Use uncoated aspirin at the end of your shower (twice per week) to light exfoliate your skin.  Its an anti-inflammatory and helps with swelling and healing.  I have also found it to help with some of the scarring.

Another thing that is helpful is taking a Magnesium supplement.  Its a very important mineral that not only helps with acne but many other things too!  

Drinking plenty of water is also important.  I would also leave non-work days as makeup free days to let the skin breathe!
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