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I'm asking help what are these acnes , and how could we treat them ?

Hello ,
I'm asking about these acnes and how we could treat them ,
From a moment , some acnes started to appear in my gf face , now it's really dangerous and we should find a solution , we went to a Dermatologist , he gives her a treatement but the result was so bad : allergy  and more acnes .
Please any help .
You will find pictures in links :


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from the pics, it seems like a severe case of acne vulgaris. What medication was she prescribed? A lot of times, medications for acne such as adapalene, benzoyl peroxide etc. cause more flareups before starting to settle the acne and heal it slowly. Letting her dermatologist know about the worsening / side effect/ any reaction is very important, so that he can tell you if it's normal or problematic. You could also visit another derm with all the previous prescriptions.
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Take Probiotics.
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I think you should check if there are any hormonal issues.

Re. treatment- you need a topical cream such as Benzoyl peroxide to treat acne. You will need something to hydrate your skin (moisturiser)  and sunscreen.  A doctor can help you make a skincare routine for you.  He may also prescribe antibiotics for short term use.

Wash your face with water at regular intervals. Drink plenty of water.
Avoid Soaps on Face.
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