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Sweaty Armpits

this is probably more of a question for the ladies. does anyone know how to get rid of wet spots under the arms? I hate it!!! everything I wear, I sweat through within 10 minutes of putting it on. it's very embarassing. I buy shirts that I think it won't happen, and then it happens anyways. if I wear sweaters, I sweat right through them too. tried every deoderant out there, and nothing!!!! anyone else have this problem and know how to help?
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U r gonna laugh but when I'm pg it's 10x's worse so I got some of DH's deo. oneday & now I've bought me my own men's deo. :) It worked!!
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interesting!!! any kind in particular ?
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There are prescription anti-perspirants that you can apply the previous night to help the following day. They usually contain Aluminum Chloride.
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I have had the sweaty armpit thing going on and I've used everything out there.  I did try men's deodorant too and that worked pretty good (any kind- but use it sparingly because our skin is more sensitive there) and I also used this stuff that was a clear gel, and had aluminum chloride in it that wasn't prescription.  I can't remember the name of it, but I'm sure you can find it, all you have to do is look at the ingredients.  It worked really well, and I think it may have counteracted my overactive sweatglands because after using it for about a year, I am now able to use regular deodorant without getting pitstains.  Don't take my word for it though, but try it and try the men's too.  There is something out there that works.
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It's so embarassing isn't it!? I hate hate hate it.

thanks for the suggestions, I can't wait to try both suggestions. jojo, I sure hope I am as lucky as you!! you said yours were overactive, did you find it worse if you were anxious about anything!? also I find it worse when I have a jacket on over top and am in the vehicle. then I get them for sure.  I hope it works, I have a lot of tshirts I haven't been able to wear because of it.
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all of my deodorents at home have aluminum zirconium tetra something in them. is that different from aluminum chloride?
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Mitchum w/the max level of active ingred.- mountain air clear gel from Walmart about $3 bucks
the active ingr. is aluminum zirconium tetra
the mens really stays clear :)  I've used many of the womens & it turns white w/in mintues in stead of staying clear :(
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You could get botox- it can be done for heavy sweating.
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Try Drysol...it's formulated for extreme sweaters.  You have to ask the pharmacist for it.  I guess they hide it in the back.  Anyway, I understand it's a life saver and a clothes saver!

Worth a shot!
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i would call your dr, just to get an over all check up.  but look into holistic ideas before getting any rx's.  I had a really heavy sweating problem after i had my son.  It was a hormonal imbalance which I am happy to say has fixed itself.
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thanks all!! I am going to try the mens stuff, as well as that drysol. jifnif, my health is great, but thanks for the suggestion.
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I know what ya mean. I sweat like a man.  I use degree. I really like it. It's heat activated.
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