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laser hair removal

OK so I am having this problem with facial hair. If I didn't shave it I would have a full man beard. So I shave it everyday and try to hide the skin bumps ( from shaving) with makeup concealer. I am to the point where I know other people can tell.. even my hubbie, he has never said anything to me about it but when we are getting it on I have to be very carfeul not to let him touch my face.. So enough is enough I am ready for laser hair removal. Does anyone know how much it might cost to have this done and how often do you have to go in for the "treatment"?
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I have no idea. You should be able to search and find an office in your area and call. I have dark upper lip hair nad it never bothered me until my brother mentioned it. I bought some nair for the upper lip. It stays on for five minutes and wipe it off and the hair is gone. I usually only have to go about 3 weeks in between uses. It is much cheaper, simpler and less painful than when I used to get my lip waxed. Have you tried a depilatory? Sorry about the spelling.... I have no idea if that is the correct spelling or not. Maybe you could try that route first. I had a friend who has dark facial hair all over her face and the depilatory works great for her. Hope you find a solution. Best wishes.
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from what i know it really depends on the hair texture and some are better candidates than others. it will take several (im guessing from what i have heard 3-5) treatments. it is said to only remove 70-80% of the hair, which in this case im sure is quite the improvement. it is costly but facial hair is worth removing. i also heard that you cant wax or pluck after for it can stimulate new growth. have you tried waxing? after time it does slow the growth <in most cases> and cause the hair to grow in finer. i asked about hair removal on the cosmetic forum and found a great answer look over there. the gals i know that have had it done it helped, but never stopped all growth.
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the only problem with nair and such (maybe you have had better results than most) is it "disolves" the hair. it doesnt cause the hair to slow its growth or become finer like waxing will. if you should go with laser find a reputable place even if more expensive. not all lasers are the same and you do get what you pay for.
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laser is pricey but some places will guarantee it.  Here's the thing w/ laser...you have to let your hair grow and it is best if it is dark.  You have to have a few sessions and you MUST let the hair grow in between sessions.  Each place charges differently and you might be able to get one fee for all sessions combined.  I don't suggest waxing, it causes ingrowns and can actually stimulate hair growth.  Depilatory creams are ok, I use them for my mustache and chin area.  they are the least expensive.  There is also electrolysis.  I have done this and it does help but can be painful and you must go every week.  I was paying 35 bucks a week for a year until I got pregnant.  I never went back because it isnt in my budget now but it did improve the amount of hair on my upper lip and chin.  You really should not shave your face.  If you have excessive hair growth, see your dr. It may be hormone related.  For the bumps on your face you may want to use a product called Tendskin.  Its about 20 bucks a bottle and will help w/ ingrowns and bumps.  It has a very drying effect due to ingredients so dont over do it and use a moisturizer.  good luck.
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nobody can guarantee laser results. i talked with a place and they said it will NEVER get rid of all hair. funny i used to use the cream remover and it grew back darker, faster and courser. my waxing i have done for many years. there is maybe half or less hair than it used to be, and finer and lighter so it does not stimulate growth. this could turn into a tug of war. its about preference, but the facts are the facts. i agree that there could be a hormone or health issue. id see a dr.
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Thanks everyone. Yes it is a hormonal issue. I am on meds that are making it worse but I am taking them for TTC.
Siren- do you actually have a wax machine at home and you do it yourself?

Venus- What is depilatory?
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