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Constant dizziness, Please help, Can't take it anymore

I've been having constant dizziness for over a year. I'm a 24 year old female. I've had many tests, seen 2  neurologists, 2 ents and say its probably anxiety. Can't have an MRI because I can't afford. Doctor say it will go away on its own at some point. But I can't live like this anymore.


Dizziness, off balance
Weak leags
Light or heavy head
Foggy sensation in the head
Constant too much anxiety
Sometimes I feel like i can't keep my head up.
Tinggly sensation in the head and sometimes hands.
Stiff neck and shoulders all the time.
Falling to the side feeling  
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Were you tested for Lyme disease?

Lyme can present with mild or significant neurological symptoms.

I've read on several forums and naturopath websites that the most reliable test is Igenix [dot] com.

I can't even imagine what it's like to experience dizziness all day every day. Wow. How do you keep your sanity?
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I don't know what it is.  But sometimes you can get a clue from reviewing things that make it better or worse.  Is there anything that helps the symptoms or anything that aggravates the symptoms?  Is there any time of day, any environment, any circumstances, or anything at all that you can think of that makes the symptoms even a little bit better or a little bit worse?
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Haven't really found out what helps and what doesn't. I try to walk and be more active in general but dizziness is always there from moderate to a lot. I've never been able to walk dizzy free since it started. Thank you for answering!
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Its worse with humitidy and heat though!
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High humidity/heat doesn't ring any bells for me, sorry.  We should keep that in mind, because it probably is some kind of clue, but I can't figure that one out.  I was actually thinking more of things like posture, foods you have eaten, whether you have had adequate sleep, your stress level, medications you have taken, different environments, etc.  Another question that comes to mind is, if the doctors think the basic problem is anxiety, have you been treated for anxiety, to see if that helps your dizziness?  And did one of your doctors actually recommend an MRI, because if they did, then figuring out how to finance it might be important.
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I like skydnsr's questions.

Also, do you notice a difference when you're in bright sunlight, or flashing lights?
Are you dizzy when you are sitting? Lying down?
Is dizziness worse when you have sinus or nasal congestion?

Sometimes anxiety has a physical cause, vs  a psychological cause.

Doctor can't say your dizziness will go away on its own, if doctor doesn't know the cause of the dizziness!

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I'm dizzy at whatever place and all the time. Flashing lights and loud noised both bother me. Sitting down my dizziness can be worse cause sitting still just reminds of the dizziness. No the doctors didn't ask for an MRI they think there is no need for one but im suffering.
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What tests have you had so far? What conditions have been ruled out?

I had many of the symptoms you describe. I'm guessing there could be several different causes. During my investigation, I was told I needed therapy.

As it turns out, my symptoms were caused by a cyst in the pons (in the brainstem). The slow-growing cyst caused nerve damage, which led to the deficits in the functions of several cranial nerves.

Where do you live? Is there any possibility that a hospital could offer you a payment plan for an MRI? Are you near a teaching hospital?

I hope you can find a doctor who will take your experiences seriously. Maybe you can find SOMEONE who will order an MRI with & without contrast so you can rule out a lesion.

I get VERY  frustrated with neurologists who don't believe us when we report our symptoms.

I wish you the best. Keep us up to date.
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One more thing, I was reading on the Chiari community...that's yet another condition that might cause the symptoms you're experiencing.
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I've been to 2 different ENTs. Done with their tests, nothing bad from there.
I've been to 2 different neurologists. Done with their examinations, nothing there.
I've done EVERY possible kind of blood test (except for defficiencies) all clear.
The only thing I haven't done is an MRI because according to my neuros the examination would show something if I had a problem. Haven't been tested for Lyme's disease. Its kind of rare in my country, its not even a question.
My sanity is a very big issue. I always feel like I'm on the verge of losing it. I've lost my job, my friends...pretty much everything. I'm almost handicaped by it most of the time. Believe me it drives me insane day by day. My anxiety is of the roof, I've developed depression and its making it worse. I'm trying to find ways to test myself now. I'll probably arrange and MRI in two weeks and if its clear at least I'll know its nothing serious although doctors seem to believe that if it was, I'd be dead by now.
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Good luck with the MRI.

You are not alone with your frustrations. I saw an ENT at a world-renowned hospital. He even wrote a textbook that the majority of ENT med students read. He ruled out some conditions, but he concluded there was nothing to be done for my symptoms. He was very wrong. So you never know what quality of response you'll get.

Give yourself what you need to keep your mental strength.
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Thank you so much...I feel like i'm going insane....I really need this to be over for i can't take it for much longer.
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There are lots of things that are long shots, but evidently whatever is causing your problem is one of the long shots.  So sorry you are having these symptoms, and I hope you get some answers soon.

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