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Misdiagnosis: Possible Physical Ailment

I suffer from General Anxiety Disorder, Adult Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Bipolar II (Major Depression), schizoaffective disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and chronic fatigue. It would be nice if someone can offer some advice as to what physical ailment, obscure or otherwise, that can be causing these mental illnesses b them just being symptoms of another disorder. What drugs would you recommend. I am on Adderall 60 mgs per day, Zoloft 200 mgs per day, Klonopin 4 mgs per day, Depakote 500 mgs per day, wellbutrin 300 mgs per day, and Zyprexa, 25 mgs per day.

I want to get rid of the ADHD for good along with the chronic fatigue. The depression is manageable with wellbtib and my mood and obsessive compulsive disorder is manageable with the Zoloft. Bouts of schizophrenia are rare and usually occur when I am over stimulated on medications.

My father suggested Androgel for low testosterone levels and said it helps with thee production of endorphins.

Whatever the problem maybe, lack of endorphins or the inability to produce them plays a large factor in my poor mental health.

Any suggestions and thank you in advance.  
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I would suggest you take a very serious look at genetics.

You may be taking the wrong drugs, dosing, frequency etc. and without proper genetic testing-it is rarely pursued by doctors, as it is very expensive (but there are ways to get around this), very time consuming and very complex (most doctors are totally clueless)- you could be just a "cash cow" for pharmaceuticals-pardon my expression which not aimed at you at all-
with no hope for recovery, just some symptom management at best!

Single "established" med approaches for particular diagnosis like yours,
rarely work well, as the treatment must be highly individualized and taking into consideration : genetic mutations, lifestyle & environmental factors and

If any treating doctor, when taking care of patients like you, think for just one moment, that this is the best that can be done to help them improve their condition(s), s/he is totally out of touch with reality.

As for the Andogel your father suggested, it might help, but do NOT consider any random drug/supplement even if it might show promise , unless proper thorough testing to establish your genotype/phenotype (and a lot more tests) is done! I know he means well.

First place I suggest you  look at is MTHFR and CBS mutations, which have numerous variants, but you may identify with some of them, as you will find match certain conditions and symptoms that you have.

Since I have no idea about your medical/biochemical knowledge, I suggest
you- or someone close to you who could act as a coach -either deepen your knowledge in the field of Epigenetics/Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics,
or if money is not an object, go to an expert in this field.
Warning: These experts a few and far between and in huge demand, so waiting times are years.

My honest opinion is that if you want a better chance of true recovery and get real answers, seriously consider my suggestion.
If you want any more details let me know, however please note that my
comments and suggestions are intended to replace medical advice.

A good start would be "Introduction to genetics" Wikipedia has a good non-technical  article on this subject.

Best wishes.
1530171 tn?1448129593
Correction--->...please note that my comments and suggestions are NOT
intended to replace medical advice.
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