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Motor Skills

Ok The One Two about What happend today.
Well I Just Had a Scary Morning... I Got Woken up by my other half... As I was laying there He Moved And I spoke Saying I remember what we forgot at the store..He goes What? I said Starts with a S... He goes Tablets? I Said Well that too but no... I said Ends with a R then I said I need it to make your Tea.... He goes Oh Sugar! I said yes! I went to move my hand and It felt Heavy So I couldnt get comfy So I laid there half awake and feeling like I was in a Daze... The In My Mind I knew I wanted to say I need a Drink... But It sounded nothing Like it when I spoke To My Other Half Keep saying Huh I dont understand.. It frustrated me I tryed again Still Like I was Drunk talking I made No sense I knew what I wanted to say But it wasnt comen out that way. Then I had to Pee... My hands didnt want to cooperate I had issues Pullen down the Undies to go... Finnally sitting on the toilet I went to Wipe After 2 failed attempts to Wipe Losing the Paper into the toilet I finnally got it done after haven the toilet paper Unravel into the toilet giving up at this point I came back out and tried saying again I need a drink But still Not what I said Almost like I forgot how to talk... I got frustrated and went and grabbed my Coffee out of the fridge... came back My right hand having issues holding onto it But I kept a Firm grip I think... thinking the warm water from a shower would wake me up I went and got into the shower With my Glass Frap Bottle of coffee.... Standing there My Other Half walks over and asked if I was ok... I tried to say yes... But Still cant talk.... Still Drunk like speaking So he joins me Worried As hes washing up My still weak hand My Dominate one I use for everything Just lets go of the glass bottle shattering My Other Half gets out to grab a bag then I notice I Cut my thumb its bleeding a Bit But I felt no pain..... I get out so pat can clean up the glass as I nurse my hand to get the bleeding to stop... Then My speaking ability came back... took me Breaking something to get right again... I kept saying sorry Im sorry.... This Of course scared me. Any Thoughts on this
It takes Aprox 15 minutes for the water to get cold I walked slow the whole time So this was a half hour this all went down I was scared for my life
So I went from Normal Speech when I woke Up... To a Heavy Dominate Hand to Drunk Like speech Got Up felt almost like I was High Walking Like I was Drunk Both Hands Having issues One was Just trying to hold me up the other one Cant grip to do what I need it to... All and All Lasted almost a Half hour... From what I remember this is the only time this has happened to me
And Before anyone says I was Drunk Or High. I havent drank at all this month and I dont Do drugs Unless prescribed >.> Im Currently on Heart meds and meds to help with my leg Edema And No I dont think this is heart related Heart dont Effect Speech and Fine Motor Skills
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