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Neurologist or Radiologist.

Hello, I have been having neurological issues since 2011.  I had an MRI and CT scan that was unremarkable in 2011. My symptoms got worst in 2014. I now have chronic fatigue tremor gait and difficulty writing and concentration. I had another CTScan that indicated moderate atrophy, and MRI that says predominant parietal atrophy too much for this patients age, clinical correlation recommended and Spect that reads decreased perfusion on basil ganglia especially te putamen sparing the Caudette. My neurologist said I have an undifined neurological disorder based on radiologist reports however Another neurologist took a quick look at the actual scans and said not much atrophy and not much on spect so nothing wrong and certainly wouldn't cause me the symptoms I have. I don't know if I should believe radiologist and original neurologist or second neurologist. I still have the symptoms. Is there any way I could get the scans reread  by another specialist in Ontario? Not sure about what to do or who to believe. All I know is I'm not well.
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