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Young life with cerebral hemorrhage need help

A male patient, at the age of 21 years, suffered from cerebral hemorrhage and thus underwent a decompressive craniotomy and hematoma removal procedure on July 18, 2013, due to subdural hematoma at the top left frontal temporal part. Lateral ventricle cerebrospinal fluid shunt was then performed three times alternately on the left and right sides to mitigate the expansion of bilateral ventricles and the third ventricle in the patient, who had no bacterial and fungal infections and normal protein content in the cerebrospinal fluid. After one week of discontinued usage of ventilator, intermittent apnea occurred, and the expansion of the fourth ventricle was detected by CT examination. And only 10ml of cerebrospinal fluid was found by lumbar continuous drainage in the fourth ventricle, indicating high protein content. From this point, the doctors thought that there might be occlusions between the fourth ventricle and bilateral ventricles. Then the fourth ventricle-peritoneal shunt was performed on October 20. After the procedure the patient has no spontaneous breath so far, but suffering from vomiting, abdominal distension and functional gastrointestinal disorders. And he has normal intracranial pressure now. After one-week acupuncture therapy on the points as Philtrum, Hegu, Neiguan, Zusanli and Yongquan, including acupuncture on the Baihui and Temple points two times, the body tension was gradually decreased. Currently no body tension and no response to stimulus are found in the patient with SBP (systolic blood pressure) 105 mmHg and DBP (diastolic blood pressure) 60 mmHg. Therefore, we are seeking an effective recipe for restoring his gastrointestinal function, normal response to stimulus and spontaneous breathing.

Our family is eager for your suggestions or information. Thanks.
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His ability to start breathing on his own, digesting food, and responding to stimuli will depend on the severity and location of his brain injury.  I don't know of anything that can be done for a person in this situation except to provide supportive care.  If you can keep him ventilated, keep him nourished, keep him from getting bedsores, and keep him from getting an infection, then he will recover as much as nature allows.  The degree of brain injury is the limiting factor.  Brain tissue that has been destroyed does not regenerate.  There simply has to be enough healthy brain tissue left to take over the functions of the areas that were damaged beyond repair.  I'm so sorry for this young man's injury.  He and his family will be in my thoughts.
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skydnsr, Thanks your kindly help. I have done all we can done. We just wish there is a miracle.
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I will wish and pray for that miracle with you.  I appreciate that his people love him so much.  Maybe he even knows that now, in some way.  
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