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Boxer just diagnosed with Sarcoma

My vet recently removed a lump(half dollar-sized) from my 4-year old boxer's shoulder.  The biopsy confirmed that it is a sarcoma.  My vet is currently consulting with a cancer specialist on where to go from here.  He did mention radiation therapy as a likely treatment.  Is there anything i can do (or should know) in the meantime?  

My dog has no current symptoms, is eating very well and is as playful as a typical boxer.
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I am sorry to hear about your dogs cancer diagnosis ands glad to offer my suggestions.
The anti-cancer diet along with the Paaws Dog Vitamins, available at www.drcarol.com have been very effective for many dogs with cancer similar to yours.

This anti-cancer diet is for a dog between 60-90 pounds so please adjust portions for your dog
4 oz Pork Back Fat (boiled, baked or fried in olive oil)
4 oz Tofu (firm soybean curd)
2 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 Whole Carrots (boiled and then cut up)
1 cup Spinach (cooked)
4 Tbs Green Bell Pepper (chopped and steamed)
4 Broccoli Spears (boiled and then cut up)
2 Sardines (in olive oil, drained)
2 cloves raw Garlic (crushed and added before serving)
1 tsp dry, ground Ginger (added before serving)
½ tsp dry, yellow Mustard (added before serving)

Our canine cancer patients enjoy an average of two very high quality years post diagnosis and if I can be of further help feel free to contact my office.

Best Wishes
Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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The anti-cancer diet and Paaws Vitamins, available at www.drcarol.com would be very helpful for your dog. If I can offer further help feel free to contact our office.
Thank you
Dr Carol
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