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Deg. Disk Disease, Stenosis, Parkinson's

My husband has been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease and spinal stenosis.  It has advanced to the point that he is unable to walk without pain.  He is using a walker but still experiences high pain when standing or walking.  He is barely able to do routine activities such as shave, shower, walk to bathroom.  In addition, he may have Parkinson's Disease.  We are anxious to do SOMETHING so he can return to some basic functioning again.  We have two differing opinions from neurosurgeons.  
1.  Have laminectomy and fusion, L2 - S1.  If Parkinson's symptons continue, see a neurologist after surgery.
2.  See neurologist first, determine if it's Parkinsons and treat for that first.  If it is Parkinsons, then surgery would be adjusted so my husband would be at a forward angle instead of straight to compensate for Parkinson's posture for balance.

What should we do?  Every day he is more exhausted from the pain, but we are unsure if the surgery in the first option will cause harm if he is later diagnosed with Parkinson's.
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5 1/2 years ago I finally found out what was wrong with me I suffered from back pain, stiffness, ...and recieved several wrong diagnoisis. I had parkinson Disease. If you are unsurer about the need for the surgery, take the time to have a Neurologist (movement specialist) examine your husband. I know the books say there is no pain in Parkinson's however they are wrong!
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I have DDD.  I have the muscle jumping and my hands have tremors.  This is do to nerve damage.  Not Parkinson's.  I was tested for it, too.  I still have to take some of the medication for Parkinson's because , well, parkinson's and nerve damage have a lot of similarilties.  I suggest that he has the surgery and get him out of his pain.  I pain is horrible!  I know.  I have it too.  I have already had one surgery on my cervical spine and now I know I am going to have to have another one on my Lumber.  The spine can cause a lot of weird things to happen to a persons body.  It controls so much.  Good Luck and I wish him Well.
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