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Has anyone used an inversion table for DDD?

If so, did it help you? In what ways?

How often do you use it? For how long each time?  Did you stop using it after a time? If so, why?

I'm thinking of buying one so would like to hear any advice, especially brands you like, any features you like, any features you wish yours had, any features yours has but that you could do without, etc.

Will appreciate any help.
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Probably should have said I'm interested in an inversion table because I have multilevel degenerative disease throughout the cervical spine and probably throughout my entire spine, including mild to moderate central canal narrowing, mild anterolisthesis, moderate left neuroforaminal narrowing, disc osteophyte complex, uncovertebral osteophytosis and facet arthropathy.

If you've used an inversion table for something other than degenerative spine disease, I'd like to hear about that too. I have no idea what all they could be used for - maybe for hip or knee problems?
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I know someone that got one, and loves it, not sure if it really improves the issues of DDD....but does help with the pain.

  Wish I could tell u more.....

Good luck

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