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Limb and back pain - To the touch

My 16 year old daughter contracted a severe case of Mono in September 2007.  She experienced a 30 lbs weight loss (115 to 86 lbs.), extreme body pain, and extreme fatigue.  Her doctor identified it as the worse case she had ever seen.  Her symptoms were subsiding by the end of December 2007, when she was involved in a motor vehicle accident.  Although she hit her head and experienced some pain after the accident, the doctor felt she did not sustain any serious injuries.

Approximately two to three weeks after the accident, all of the symptoms we had associated with the Mono had returned.  She currently experiences severe pain to the touch in her arms legs back and neck, as well as, a return of the fatigue. This pain has reach a level now where if her arm is held, it actually results in an injury type pain which lasts for days.  She has been retested for EBV and has normal levels.  She has been through a battery of blood tests, CT scans of the brain, and MRI's of the brain and cervical spine.  The C-Spine MRI showed muscle spasms had caused the neck to lose its curve.  The only abnormality in the extensive blood work run (all unusual viruses have been tested for) was an elevated level of Reactive C Protein of approx. 20.

She has been undergoing chiropractic treatments to relax the neck and upper shoulder tension.  She has received no relief from the pain...it has not lessened and the chiropractor currently feels the pain is not from a muscular injury.

Recently, after having blood drawn, she passed out and stuck her head causing a concussion and temporary amnesia.  The next day she lost her balance again, stuck the same spot result in a return of the amnesia. These incidents may or may not be related to her condition.

The doctors we have been seeing are at a lost.  She has received some relief from Vicodin, but no other pain relievers help...we have tried them all.  She has been put on Effexor ER because of the depression that has resulted from the extended illness.  We also did this to ensure that the pain was not as a result of depression.  It was a question of the chicken and the egg.

Have you experienced any similar cases?  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I have research neurological diseases such as CIPD, but none of them seem to fit all the symptoms.  I would appreciate any help you can offer.
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