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MRI cervical spine results

What should I do about these findings?
cranial cervical junction appears unremarkable on current series. sagittal and axial images show evidence for degenerative changes about the disk spaces of c3-c4; c4-c5; c5-c6; c6-c7. relative sparing of c2-c3 and c7-t1 is seen. effacement of the thecal sac is seen at c3-c4 and to a less severe extent c4-c5. mild effacement at c5-c6 and c6-c7 is seen. there is a question of decrease in height of the vertabral bodies of c3, c4. c5, and c6 probably related to degenerative changes however, old compression deformaties at those levels cannot be excluded. reason for such compression deformities is not clear.
the atlantoaxial joint appears unremarkable. no subluxation is seen.
c2- c3 disk space shows normal appearance of the uncovertebral joints and neural foramina are patent. cord appears unremarkable at that level.
the c3-c4 disc space level shows prominent bulging and effacement of the thecal sac with stenosis to an AP dimension of approx. 10 mm. mild effacement of the neural foramina is seen. no disk protrusion at that site is seen.
the c4-c5 disk space level shows similar bulgings of the maegin of the disk as well as hypertrophic changes of the facet joints posteriorly with effacement of the thecal sac to an AP dimension of 9.4mm.
neural foramina appear patent although somewhat narrowed. no definate herniation is seen.
the c5-c6 disk space level shows similar mild diffuse bulging the annulus of the disk and mild hypertrophy of the facet joints with consequent mild stenosis to AP dimension of 11mm. neural foramina appear patent although mildly effaced, left side worse than right.
the c6-c7 disk space level shows similar degenerative changes with thickening of the ligament of flavum posteriorly and resultant stenosis to AP dim. of 9mm. no significant cord signal abnormalities are seen. c7-t1 disk space level does not show evidence for significant disk bulge herniation or stenosis and the AP dim. of the thecal sac is approximatly 13.5mm.

this extreme pain and burning in my neck, shoulders, forearms, and hands has been going on for a LONG time. the aching and weakness in my forearms and hands gets pretty bad.
also, if I sit or lay down for a little while I have a lot of trouble getting up and walking. I have to stand up, all hunched over till I can SLOWLY straighten up or my left leg and arm shakes violently. many times a severe headache will shortly follow the neck pain.
my primary phys. only reluctantly referred me to an orthopedic surgeon, who referred me to physical therapy 2x a week for 5 weeks. the pain will recede for a while and then come right back. ( I've explained that it's probably because i havent worked since Jan.) this coming monday, 5-14-2012, I'm scheduled for the first of 2 epidural steroid injections at the pain clinic. I sure hope it helps as I'm very tired of hurting all the time. If anyone could tell me their opinion of these findings I would really appreciate it. Thank you
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