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Multiple sclerosis

I was feeling numbness and tingling on the right side of my face R/ hand and R/foot, I went to the ER because I could not handle it anymore.  The Attending Physican, requested an Chest X-ray Imperssion: Negative Examination. Ct Head or Brain w/o contrast Impression Essentially negative Noncontrast ct head. I had an abnormal ECG.  She ordered an MRI of the brain.  Impression 1. Sinusitis, 2. Puntctate areas of increased signal in the white matter. Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating processes would be a consideration.  
Findings: were as follows:  There is a mild mucoscla thickening throughtout the partially visualized paranasal sinuses consistant with an element of sinusitis. Ventricles are normal in size, shape and postition. No mass effect, midline shift of hyrocephalus. There are two punctate areas of increased signal in the white matter in the right hemisphere as seen on the FLAR images.  One is just superior and lateral to the right lateral ventricle and the other is lateral to the mid portion of the right lateral ventricle. There are also evident on the T2-wieghed inages but are more conspicious on the FLAR images. Diffusion -weighted images reveal no evidence of the acute ischemic process. No specific abnormality on the T1 images. THe punctate areas of increased signal in the white matter are nonspecific. Multiple sclerosis, however remains a consideration.  There are not uncommon in patients over 50 years of age. In patients under 50 years of age, in the absence of underlying hypertension, diabetes or other small vessel disease, multiple scleriosis would be the most likely etiology.

My dr. stated that she was surpised that the ER dr had ordered the MRI, but in my case she was glad it was done.  Should I be scared?

I follow up with my Dr. she stated did anthor ECG which came out normal.  She also order me to do a 2 hr gluclose test which I did this morning. She has also referred me to Neurologist for evaluation and treatment.  

I have been having a lot of diffuclties with my feet and legs and my right hand, Could this just be Diabetes?

Also I scheduled an appointment with the Nueorologist however they can not get me in until Nov 20,2007.  What happens until then I continue to have good days and bad days?  

From what I have provided you with, and your experience can you please advise your opionion, Am I dealing with MS. I am a 30 year hispanic female who is very active and always on the go, and have been really healthy until now I am unable to do much now I am always very tired, it is so hard for me to get out of bed?  Is there anything I can do to get this process speeded up/or can you tell me what and where I go for here?

Thank you so much for your time.
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