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Parkinsons and Adderall??


My dad (70 yrs) has Parkinson's Disease with all the tremors, tiredness, and depression that seems to go with it.  

I (his daughter, 43 yrs old) currently take 30 mg Adderall XR for Adult ADD.  We went on a trip this last weekend, and I very kindly (lol) shared a few of my Adderall with him - at my mother's suggestion.  

Here's the thing, he LOVED it!  He said it was the first time in about 20 years that his depression had been "lifted" for a while.  It was really amazing, because he has taken all sorts of anti-depressants  and anti-anxiety medication for years, but has never felt as good as he did with the Adderall!

I'd like to know whether or not Adderall would be ok for him to take on a daily basis.  I mean, have there been any other Parkinson's patients who have tried it and found it to be a success for them? I know it is not normally a medication that would be prescribed for a Parkinson's patient, but hey... if it works and he gets some great quality of life by taking it, shouldn't it be an option?

Thanks :)
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I have hyperactive and impulsive ADHD and regularly take adderall, from what I've read it seems to increase the dopamine levels so I can't understand why it isn't prescribed for Parkinsons unless there are other effects that might not be good. Strangely I can't find any research studies on the subject?
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Amphetamines have been used to treat PD and have shown to be very effective. If the patient is older and has high blood pressure, make sure that amphetamines do not cause blood pressure spikes. Most of the adverse side effects of amphetamine treatments are due to cardiovascular issues such as increased blood pressure. This is easily reversed by taking a low dose of a beta blocker, like Atenolol, along with the amphetamine medication like Adderall. Many treatment plans have been incorporating a low dose of beta blockers to combat the sympathomimetic effects of Adderall.     -------Dr. TAV D.O.
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