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do you know osteoarthritis

can anyone tell me if osteoarthritis is a dominoing effect on the spine..to reach the base of neck to shoulder pain up to wrist..occasionaly painful.
also have ddd in l5-s1 lumbar..leg spasms,and ackes.can't do daily activities without pain..simple things.
many different symptoms have started since...
and does thing impair me at 30's from working.
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I have osteoarthritis and osteoperosis. Both have taken a toll on me. I've been to the Arthritis Foundation and they give me Actenal for the ostearthritis . It does releave
some of the pain but not all. I'm 62 yrs. old and I know what you mean by having
the pain doing simple tasks.
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I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis when I was 16 years old in L5 and S1. There are many things you can try.. they do try to do blocks but it hurts more than it helps as L5 is a hard nerve to get to.. I have pain that goes all the way down the outside of my left thigh and then to the inside of my left calf and makes my foot just ache... The main thing I find for medication for this is vicodin, but it takes more and more to be able to help the pain AND your brain starts to think you need more and more and before you know it your pills are gone before the end of the month.. If you do get on it i really recommend taking a break from it every once in a while and deal with the pain so that it will still work.. Good luck guys I really hope everyone finds relief "I havet yet"
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