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Advice for aftercare of open wound

I had another post on here about what happened, but I need advice on the aftercare of an open wound.  3 days ago I went to the er, long story short I had an abscess on the inside of my butt a few inches away from the anus.  they lanced it drained it, packed it.  2 days later went back to the er where they removed the packing & decided to pack it again (very painful experience, nothing to numb it while repacking).  The dr told me there was a very very small piece of gauze there & he wouldn't be surprised if it fell out on its own, he said if it didn't fall out to just pull it out.  He told me that after the packing comes out to rinse it with water & put a gauze bandage on top of it & tape it down.  This morning I went to the bathroom & all I did was use toilet paper to wipe & the gauze packing came out, no pain or anything it just came out.  I rinsed the area off with water and placed a gauze bandage over it & taped it on with medical tape.  My only question is, would water be sufficient when just rinsing?  I don't need to put peroxide or anything on it before placing gauze on it?  My husband looked at it & he said it looks fine, no redness, no swelling.  I got a slight look at it & the cut looks pink & oval shaped, very small maybe the size of the tip of a pinky finger.  I have the gauze on it right now & it stings a little when I sit, I'm assuming the stinging is because it's now open with no packing??  I'm also worried the gauze will get stuck to the wound, I don't remember how many times I'm supposed to change the gauze as well.  Other than this I feel fine, no soreness just stinging, no fever, no nothing just the annoying sting when I sit.  It's not even bad enough for the pain meds they gave me at all.  I guess my biggest fear is infection, I did rinse it off quite well with water, the dr never mentioned putting anything on the open wound other than rinsing with water.  I'm trying not to be a worry wart I guess they scared me a little when they mentioned the word "infection" when telling me how to care for it to prevent infection.  I;ve never had something like this before & the area where it is has me extremely worried of it getting infected but I did go to the bathroom this morning & the cut didn't appear "dirty" though I did rinse with water using a handheld sprayer.   Sorry about the long post concerning my rear end but this is all new to me.  I;m hoping that maybe now it may start to close up since the packing is out???  I'm following up with my GP next week.  feeling fine other than the stinging when sitting, just overly worried I guess.
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It sounds like the wound is starting to heal and it will be slightly pink and still feel sore until it is completely healed.

Should you notice that it is getting more inflamed, more aggressive looking or feels worse, see your doctor straight away.

I would not put any peroxide on the wound.  But to help with the healing you can bathe in salty water.

Best wishes.
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thanks.  had my husband change the dressing again late tonight & it really doesn't hurt at all now, when he removed the bandage I didn't feel a thing (the medical tape sticking to my skin was the only thing that was uncomfortable).  he said the cut still looked fine.  the gauze bandage had some pink staining & for some reason some white discharge on it but no pain at all, no stinging anymore whatsoever-if it weren't for the bandage I wouldn't know the cut is there.  placed a new bandage on top & put some Neosporin on the bandage-got the dr on the phone & he said Neosporin would be fine to use.  I can sit  now with no stinging which is a huge improvement, only thing right now that hurts is the medical tape stuck to my skin & some hairs.  once in a while if I shift while sitting I may feel a slight sting but really nothing at all, can't tell at this point if the stinging is the cut or the tape, I also haven't done anything real strenuous so maybe it will sting if I move around more.  my only prayer now is that it begins to close up or at least try to, I cannot remember what the dr said about the amount of time it takes to close up though I read online it can take a pretty long time.  not sure what the white stuff was on the gauze that was removed, I guess it's still draining?  but still there was no pain & any stinging has significantly decreased since this morning as if it's getting better by the hour so not sure why there'd be white discharge on the gauze but my husband said it still is not red or swollen etc.
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If you are still getting a discharge on the gauze it may be a good idea to get it checked out by the doctor.

If you do have an open wound, you can expect to have some clear fluid that will dry and become a scab and that is normal.

You cannot put a time scale on how long it will take to heal, because this all depends on how deep the abscess was and how big the opening hole is.  The important thing is that all the rubbish and the core of the abscess has been removed.  If there is the slightest bit of core of the abscess left, it can flare up again.

If you are concerned at all, it is always better to get it examined by your doctor just to make sure that everything is healing as it should be.

Best wishes.
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