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work for the thing i need - exercise.

how do i get my self to take the action to work out when i don't want to do it?
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Hi Judy,

You've asked a good question....a question many of us ask ourselves. The answer is you don't. You can't "force" yourself to do something you despise. I assume you have been told to exercise. Remember you should never begin an exercise program before you consult with your PCP.

The solution is to find something you like to do that involves exercise. I've been told that walking is a good and safe form of exercise. But again check with your PCP. So if you like to shop ..walk the mall. Many malls allow ppl to go early just to use the area for an exercise walking area. In the spring summer and fall go to the zoo, if you like the zoo...and walk ...walk..walk.  I think you understand what I am trying to say.

Find something you like and incorporate it into an exercise walking routine. Walk the streets of your town....say hello to your neighbors. You can also take your children or grandchildren somewhere that involves walking.  

You'll find once you get into the habit it becomes second nature. The beach is just outside out front door. My husband walks the beach every day. He has a step counter and sets goals. His PCP told him to walk 10,000 steps a day. His counter keeps track and off he goes. Our neighbor has joined him and they encourage one another....almost like a contest. They like to see who gets to 10,000 steps first and how they did it. Unfortunately I cannot join him due to a disability. So finding a partner may help motivate you also.

I hope others will share what they do for exercise. How do other members motivate themselves to exercise???

Judy please share with us how you are doing.

Good Luck,

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One suggestion I have is to join a local Tai chi chuan group, a system of movement to assist in maintaining digestion, health and fitness created in the late thirteenth century by Chang San-feng. You will have fun.

You will meet other people, the classes are free or inexpensive, and groups often meet several times a week for an hour before sunset.

You can read up on this on the internet.

Secondly, I am going to give you some tough love - You have to lose weight or you are going to die. Not an if, and, but or maybe. Worse yet, you'll end up with a limb amputated or a stroke. This should be incentive enough for you.

I also have a suspicion that what you call asthma may be in fact Kusmal respirations, induced by the diabetes. When blood sugar levels are high the body goes into an alternate method of lowering them which makes the blood acidic. This produces a breathing pattern that can be confused with asthma. The medical texts state these two conditions are easily distinguished between. It "ain't necessarily so".

Somewhere along the line you also need to get an endochrine screen and determine if there is a hormonal issue affecting your metabolism.

I know it's hard, but you have to resolve yourself to do this. Life is too short and precious to lose unnecessarily.

No excuses.
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