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Help understanding ultrasound report

I am a 40 year old fairly healthy female.  In July of this year I noticed an enlarged lymph node on the right side posterior triangle of my neck.  My GP thought it might be related to allergies as my nose looked "allergy-ish" and one tonsil was somewhat red.  He ordered an ultrasound to get more details.  It has been about 6 weeks and the node is still swollen, but doesn't seem to have changed size at all.  The results of the ultrasound are as follows:

Findings: US of a palpable area in the RIGHT posterior cervical region was performed using a linear high-frequency transducer.  The palpable abnormality corresponds to a couple of well circumscribed ovoid hypoechoic solid appearing nodules.  These measure 1.7 x 0.4 x 1.3 cm and 1.0 x 0.3 x 0.8 cm.  Both are slightly reniform in shape with suggestion of a fatty hilum.  The larger shows hilar vasculature as typically seen with a lymph node.

Impression: Palpable area in the RIGHT posterior cervical region corresponds to a couple of hypoechoic solid-appearing lesions which resemble lymph nodes.  These are nonspecific in appearance with both benign and malignant etiologies considered.  In the absence of any further intervention currently, clinical follow up is recommended to assure resolution.  Otherwise, further management or need for a biopsy should be determined by the referring service.

I plan to make an appointment in the next week or so with my GP to discuss, but was hoping someone could help me decipher my US so I can know what questions to ask.  Thank you!
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