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Swollen nodes w other symptoms

I am a 25 yo female and I have had multiple swollen lymph nodes in my neck for about 6 months now. When I initially noticed them, I had lost about 25 lbs in 1 year without trying. The only other symptom I had at that point was consistent phlegm in my throat. The next symptom was pretty intense headaches that would occur multiple times a day but would not last more than a couple minutes. I have also developed pain deep in my ear (sometimes left, sometimes right), random pains throughout my body that seem to be coming from the bone, and within the last couple months I've noticed lumps on the back of my tongue that seem to be getting larger and spreading. I've had a CT scan and MRI which showed swollen nodes but my dr. wasn't concerned because they were on both the right and left side. I have had blood work tested  that has come back normal. I also went to an ENT who decided to do a biopsy on the base of my tongue because my right side was a bit more swollen than the left; that came back showing it was only reactive tissue. I've had multiple severe sore throats since the biopsy which has been negative for strep and abnormal bacteria.

Has anyone else had similar symptoms or know what could possibly be causing this? I can tell something isn't right with my body and my doctor is not sure of the next steps so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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