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Having Problems with Wrist and Shin Pain

I've only been in the military for around 6 months now but it's already taking a toll on my body so I have to ask other members or someone who can possibly help so I can stay healthy because CTMC's rarely ever do anything for you. Problem number one is whenever I apply pressure to the palm of my hand (Push-Ups) I have a severe pain in my wrist and I've had it for around 2 weeks now making my life in the mornings hell and I'm looking for some advice on how to fix this also problem number 2 is ever since basic training every time I run for more than a mile (depending on how long I've let it rest) I get this really bad pain in my left shin and ankle, people tell me it's just shin splints and that they'll go away but it's been 6 months and it still happens every time I run every other morning and I need to get rid of these problems before airborne school so if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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try contacting a physical therapist maybe sick call tell them everything your wrist is complex I was an air force ranger/defender I ran five miles a day and shin splints are forever I have still after 21 years. now I have a crushed left hand carpal bone meta carpal fractures I have to wear a prosthetic brace made to fit me. thru my anger I punched a ladies windshield and the car won LOL :)
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you might need an MRI/Xray, and a physician that specialises in injury to see whats wrong. your pain, could actually prevent you from continuing your military career. find a physician and identify the problem
I agree totally my sister got booted out cuz she broke her foot and being unfairly treated   :)
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