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Military and Herpes Testing

I have recently been informed I have Herpes I and II. My ex (Air Force) will not tell me if he has it or not?. He had sex with me when I left a long term relationship unprotected which I didn't remember so he could have done this to me. He also says he got tested several times when we were dating. Why and never told me but I got blamed for getting my testing done. I kept asking to get tested for STDs but he said he couldn't get into the clinic and then I'm all good. I don't believe him. If I had this for a while how did not show up in him if we did everything under the sun. I have several questions about Military STD testing because he keep saying I exposed him to Herpes. He also said the doctor emailed and told him his levels were high on Herpes Simplex II and he should wait until next month to be tested again. Are military results not Positive or Negative and this was a month after I told I was diagnosed. I don't understand. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

Questions: Do military have to get Herpes testing EVER?
When they deploy and return is it mandatory?
Are there classes once Military test positive for a Virus?
At the Military Clinic are the testing sent via email and do they receive hard copies of the result at anytime?
How hard is it to go to a appointment at the On Base Clinic?
How long does it take to get blood results and how is it notified?  
What are the normal testing done and when?
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try gaining enough info about testing you can educate yourself by going online or google your questions
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seems hes hiding it from you, its possible you got herpes from unprotected sex, you can pass it through asymptomatically. Please indicate what type of herpes, since there are 8 different types that can infect humans.
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