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Help please

Got a cat named precious, female shorthair , 3-4 yrs old. Last vet check mar 2011.
Vet looked her over, weighed her at 15 pounds, said he wanted her to be losing weight .
He wants her to lose 5 pounds to be 10 pounds.

Can I lower her dry food to one half cup (she's getting one cup slowly down to 2/3

)  to help her lose weight?
Or do I start her on a reduced fat dry food transitioning her to it.
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i strongly reccomend u dont reduce her food bcoz that just leads to other problems trust me i have faced it. try to make her do some exercise like my cat likes to play with feathers u lift it up n he jumps with it n my other cat loves to play with strings.something simple n food lie grass helps too it is a natural remedy n it helps a lot like sometimes ur cat might spit out half its medicine so the grass helps n almost all cats n dogs like it n they dont fuss about. try to lessen the fat u give to her more dry food helps n LOTS of water.
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hi...can I recommend you watch this video or read the site

for tons of information on nutrition. the best thing you can do for kitty is to feed a HIGH protein(meat) diet with NO carbs..(wheat, rice, corn etc)....she will eat less if its high protein and it will be much better for her health. its the high carb content of the food you are feeding that is causing her to gain weight...

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i got her a higher protein reduced fat cat food dry, should i transition her to that too.
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any food change should be transitioned slowly.
did you read the info on catinfo.org?
- the Vet talks about how much better canned food is than dry food...she gives the brand names that are the best and have NO carbs(grains like wheat, rice, corn etc.)....carbs are why she's gaining so much weight.
brands like EVO, or WELLNESS. I think theres one available at petco called TIKKI thats supposed to be very good too.
like her article says...read the ingredients, the first ingredient should be MEAT and not meat-by-products...and NO grains..
good luck. be sure to read the sites I sent you, they are much more informative than I am....-)
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