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How to get my cat to eat

My one year old cat that we got a month ago will only drink milk. We have water down for her and several bowls of food ,one dry and and one tin food. Should i let her drink milk or should i cut the milk out so she will hopefully try the food. Thanks for any help you can give me .
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I fully agree with Tammy that milk is not a balanced diet.  Trying to get a cat to eat can be tricky but it is essential that you find a balanced diet for her.

Commercial canned or dry food will be the best in the long term but right now you have to find something that she will eat.  You may need to start with people tuna, roast beef from the deli, all meat human baby food, some hamburger (cooked or raw), some cooked chicken....you get the idea, be creative.  Cats are carnivores and will usually be attracted to meat and fish.  Once you have found what floats her boat, try mixing it well with canned or dry food.  You may need to grind the dry food and blend it with the favored food.  Cats are grea at eating around what they don't like so make the mixture initally well blended.  Hopefully you will be able to slowly decrease the people food and transition to a commercial food.

If you have not taken your kitty to your veterinarian for a thorough exam I would strongly recommend that you do so. She may have dental issues or some other type of medical issue that is keeping her from eating normally.

Best of luck...
Dr. Bernadine
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Milk is not good for cats because most of them are lactose intolerance.  Milk is also very high in fat and doesn't have the proper nutrients.  

Try different brands and flavours of food to find one that she will eat.  If she doesn't eat anything within one or two days, she will need a vet visit for fluids and forced feedings because she can't live without the proper nutrition.
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Thank you so much for your help.I was giving her baby cereal then added flakes of ham to it,now she is progressing well and is starting to eat small amounts of cat food. I appreciate your help :)
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