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Most wanted dog's supplement

Dear all,

I'd like to know what's the most wanted dog's supplement; skin & coat, joint health, digestive support,  weight lose pills...

You, as veterinay or supplement sellers, what is the thing that your customers want more?

I'm writing an article about dog owners and healthy dogs and I would like to know the trends.

Thanks in advance and best regards,
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I worked in a pet store for 3 years and noticed the following.

-customers in the last year I was there are more willing to use supplements for their pets.  
-the main ones used and asked for are something for less shedding (gave fatty acids to increase the health of the coat and skin),
-something to help palability for some brands of food, especially those on allergen-restricted foods (used a specific fish based oil, like cod or samon for those allowed)
-glucosamine supplements for arthithis (however it is annoying that most are only in one strength of pill dose so for the big dogs that involves 5-8 pills a day), also very few are available for cats.  

I have never hear anyone ask for weight loss pills and I probably would kill them for their stupidity.  

Weight loss = less food (good quality so animal is getting proper nutrition and feels full, higher protein works very well for some dogs) + more excerise (start slow or can have increase in joint pain or paw trauma)

Some customers also look for products to help with bad breath, and/or foul odour out of the other end.   There are some herbal supplements that work pretty well (yucca, mint oil), but changing the protein/brand of food normally works better.
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Its very interesting that the most wanted supplement is something to get the dogs look fine. Almost the same than people!

I have saw some pills for dogs to lose weight (I don't want to do advertising on any specific brand, but you can look for it; it exists, prescription ones or natural herbal methods!), may be that they're useful for some specific kind of dogs?; hypothyroidism dogs for example. Although it may be better to play and doing exercise with the dog.

Do you think that people are annoyed because the number of pills that their dogs have to eat?

When you say that there are very few glucosamine supplements for cats, what do you mean? I have found lots of products with glucosamine for cats. People would like to test different brands, or what? I mean, it doesn't matters if there would be in the market just 2 or 3 products, it should be enough for the cat's owner. I guess that if there are few cat's supplement for arthritis is because it is not something that the owers are really worried about

Someone could put some more light here about the more wanted supplements?

Thanks a lot for your answer!
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One of the best we have seen, is the NuVet plus for dogs or cats:
Excellent - we have been using it at our clinic for 2 years now...
It is also nice because the company give a money back guarantee on the NuVET Plus and the NuJoint Plus - see here for more info:
hope this helps....
Great for hips, bones, joints, and skin issues.
Helps to reduce cataracts in some dogs.  SEE here: link:
NuVET - Our Clinic has used it for 2 Years now:
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here is the number to call and get the Holistic NuVET sent to your door
1-800-474-7044  ( discount code 81098) gives you 15 % off....
when you call in

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Take a look at an all-natural vitamin supplement patented for dogs called Paaws. There really is no comparison to any of the NuVet products.

For example, NuVet uses Brewers Yeast as the source of their B-Vitamins.

Brewers Yeast is a very inexpensive source of B-Vitamins, it is also a leading cause of allergies and itching in dogs and cats. The source they use for.  their fatty acids can lead to seizures and Epilepsy in pets as well.

I am glad to discus this further in detail.

Thank you
Carol Osborne, DVM
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Omega 3 supplements are becoming ver popular among dog owners. Omega 3 promotes health joints,
kidney health, nervous system functions and brain health, and also joints and skin, therefore supplements that contain Omega 3 are popular sellers nowadays.
I have been giving my dog Fortitude Canine from Kauffmans Animal Health Supplements and have seen
a marked improvement in mood, less shedding, and mobility. Fortitude Canine contains Omega 3 fatty acid plus DHA.

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