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Long Term Effects of Solvent Exposure (ingestion)

Exposure to a solvent(?) added to drinking water over a period of a week or more:
The exposure resulted acutely in markedly slowed function and cognitive effects (1990).
Over the next decade mild to moderate symptoms developed:
lower body fatigue, sluggishness and uriniary incontinence - an episode of trigeminal sensory and motor nerve loss
-an episode of motor and sensory nerve loss in the lower leg and foot - sicca syndrome/eyes and mouth - episcleritis/eyes and fingers - and difficulties with short term memory, focus and concentration.
An MRI, brain, in 2000 showed T2 hyperintensities which did not resolve in 2002 or 2003 and suggested demyelination.  Also a 2000 SPECTscan showed abnormal perfusion.  A followup 2013 MRI. brain showed worsened hyperintensities and some atrophy.  The exposure to the solvent in drinking water in retrospect, seems to have initiated/caused the neurological and rheumatoid symptoms.  
The evidence of the exposure is the damage to the drinking water bottles:
Nalgene HDPE bottles were found shattered after four years of clean, dry storage.  Since it is difficult to do that much damage to Nalgene HDPE, possibly a peroxide was used to remove traces of the original solvent contaminate.- I would like to have the bottles analyzed to determine the nature of the contaminant and would like to find an affordable way to do this.  Also, I would like to have the resultant health effects documented with respect to functional disability, I have worked part time since at simple jobs and am nearing 60 yrs.  Any suggestions, comments?
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