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recent right hand 4th metacarphal fracture I NEED INFORMATION!!!

Hello, last Sunday morning I had a fight with my girlfriend and I punched the ledge of a window causing my broken right hand. I have recently been to the hospital and got X-rays and appontments for surgery.
Because of work obligations I cannot meet the set appointment for the surgery. I have to go back in 2 weeks for another appointment and perhaps to set another time for a surgery.

My question is, I am aware of what the consequences are if I leave my injury untreated. By the time I see the doctor again and the possible surgery it will be approxiametely 4-5 weeks since injury occured, how hard will it be for them to operate on my hand? Is there going to be some kind of development such as deformities to bones, cosmetics and mobility of hand and finger? How long will it take to heal including rehab? And what should I be expecting in general once my hand has been operated and healed after so many weeks of being delayed due to other life/work obligations that cannot be rearranged?

A very detailed information will be appreciated.
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I would have thought that YOUR health would have been of paramount importance to you and that getting your hand put right would have taken priority.

The longer the damage is left before it is put right, the bones and other tissues will start to repair themselves and will more than likely heal whilst in the wrong position.  That being so, when you do end up going for the operation, the bones will have to be broken and reset in the right position.  

Broken bones usually take about 6 weeks to heal, tissues, muscles and tendons can take a lot longer.

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