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Raw Around Stoma

I am sorry that this post is a little bit gross.  I have had my ileostomy for a year. It is flush with the skin, not protruding at all. Because I am overweight, I guess, part of it, the part with the opening, is lower than the rest of it, like concave.  I cannot seem to prevent or treat the rash and broken skin around the bottom of the stoma.  I wish the surgeon had brought the gut out about 1/2" but he did not.

I have tried everything to prevent, treat the rash but it continues. The stool gets under the barrier ring and keeps it sore and burning. Any ideas, please???
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Hi Donna: Are you wearing a convex flange? Or do you use a ring under your flange? Do you use an ostomy belt?  You could try Calamine lotion on the skin to help dry and sooth the area. You put it on a cloth and then apply it and allow it ot dry and then repeat so you have 2 coats and allow to dry. If you are using paste put your flange on and then use the paste like caulking around the top of the flange close to the stoma but do not block the stoma. Less is better. Hope this helps.
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Yes, I do all those things that you mentioned. I think maybe losing weight will help too, lol.  Thanks for the idea about Calamine lotion. I will give it a try!

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Are you still having problems.  I have found that using a thin layer of paste around the barrier opening is better than a thick layer.  Also use a blow dryer on low to dry your skin instead of a towel (less rubbing).  Are you using a one-piece or a two piece system?  I like using the two piece systems because I can pop the bag off and clean around the stoma which helps keep the barrier dry and on longer.  
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