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Male cats, inappropriate urinating, defecating
I have 2 male cats who are driving me nuts. I don't want to get rid of them so I'm hoping for help.

In the first case I have a 4 year old neutered male tabby who keeps urinating on rugs. He is not spraying he is actually just squatting and peeing on them. Sometimes he will also go behind the entertainment center and pee on the laminate floor. How can I break him of this behavior?

In the second case I adopted a neutered male tabby from a rescue organization about 6 months ago. I have 6 other cats besides this one and he does not get along with any of them. He is very afraid and hides from them. 3 of them have actually attacked him so he has reason to fear them and hide. I keep him shut in my bedroom with his own food, water and litter box. This was working out fine until a few days ago. I caught him urinating in my purse and also on a blanket that was on the floor. He has also defecated on a book bag, some hats and a blanket that were on the floor on several occasions. I am very attached to him but feel he may do better in a home where he is the only cat. My daughter is very upset and does not want to get rid of him and neither do I. Is there any way I can stop this behavior and get him socialized with the other cats?

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80% of the time inappropriate urination is a medical problem.  Usually a cat is having pain with urination and associates that pain with the litter box, so thinks that the rug/purse, etc... are softer places to pee and maybe it will hurt less.

Please have your cats seen and urine analyzed by a veterinarian.

In a multicat household on helpful hint is to make sure you have one more litterbox than you have cats.
ie one cat household = 1 box
two cat household = 3 boxes
6 cat household = 7 boxes

Please be aware that crystals may be the culprit in one of both of your cats.  Crystals can lodge in the urethra at any time blocking urine from leaving the body leaving the cat unable to urinate and if not treated on a emergency basis potentially resulting in death within 24 hrs.

Please have this problem diagnosed by your veterinarian, soon.
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