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Panic Attacks

Last month my husband and I adopted Solly from a Bassett Rescue.
He is a beautiful and healthy senior citizen.
In Sols previous life he was a breeder and lived in a kennel.  He now sleeps in his tent in our bedroom and lives in the house.  He has a new sister and a couple of cats he ignores.  Solly is slowy starting to fit in and we see little bits of improvement in his behavior weekly.
My question is: he is very distrustful of men and has panic attacks over loud noises or fast movement.  He will want to come to you when called but he panics and paces instead.  Is this something he is going to get over with time or is he a candidate for prozac?  No matter what the outcome he will be loved and adored!  Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.  Oh...we have no  kids..although he seems to love them.

Thank you!

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Solly has fear reactions due to a serious lack of socialization in his early life.  So my first treatment step is to get him some socialization training.  Trainers that have experience with rescue dogs will really understand this.  contact the Bassett rescue where you got him and see if they have any recommendations.  

He needs confidence building exercises and lots of gentle handling, then you can move to obedience and other types of training.  The progress will be slow but noticeable, like you see now, but a bit faster and with more control.  

For now be sure to give him clear signals and clear rewards.  Also use high pitched soft voice commands and rewards from ALL men around him.  

Let us know what you find and how he does.  
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