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lumps on breast
My 9 year old cat has several lumps on her chest - some on her nipples, one in on her lower abdomen. Each one is about half an inch in size with several tiny ones around them. Sort of like the sun and little planets around it. The ones underneath the nipples make her nipples bleed.

Her behavior and eating habits have not changed. She's essentially the same with no complaints. It hurts her when I push on them or try to hold the lump. I have no idea what this could be. I'm in a country where veterenary services are quite limited and I've had a terrible experience with my prevous cat that ended quite badly.

If anyone has any information on what this could be, even if you have suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it. ANY info would be great!

Even if your opinion is "this is serious get help" :)
You can email me the info at ***@****

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It is possible that this could be infection but more likely it is mammary tumors.  They can be benign or cancerous.  If there are several lumps it is more likely to be cancerous.  If you can have her examined by a veterinarian, they should be able to better tell if they may be infection and need antibiotics.  If they think they are tumors or if they don't resolve with antibiotics, they should be surgically removed.  The sooner the better to reduce the chance of spreading to other parts of the body.  It is usually a good idea to have an x-ray of the chest done before surgery to see if there already is spread to the lungs.

If there is somewhere you can take her for a veterinary exam that would be best.  They can continue to grow and cause her further problems.  It is great that you are so observant and concerned about her.

Judy Karnia, DVM
Scottsdale Cat Clinic
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