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stye on eyelid

my dog weighs about 10 lbs. i noticed a small lump on his eyelid about 3 months ago.it didn't seem to bother him or cause any discharge so i've left it alone, hoping it would go away. i examined it today and it looks bigger. It is soft to the touch so i don't think it is a cyst of some sort. i am financially strapped so if there is any possibility I can take care of this myself....well, i'm sure you all know what i mean. appreciate any suggestions. thanks.
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A nodule on an eyelid is nothing that you should try to take care of at home, as you can potentially damage the eyelid or the eye itself. The most common causes for eyelid masses in dogs are benign tumors and chalazions, or abcessed eyelid glands. Veterinary evaluation is needed to make a diagnosis and prescribe the most appropriate therapy; you can look into Care Credit or similar systems which can allow you to spread payments over time.
Good luck,
Kimberly Coyner, DVM DACVD
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