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Watery Eyes and Itchy feet

I have a   "2 pound"  Long Haired Chihuahua, he is 3 years old and has severe allergies. He has chronic watery eyes and his paws itch so he chews on them.

My vet said that he is too small to treat him with an "Antihistimine Shot" and he didn't offer any other resourse for relief.

Does anyone know of something that would be helpful?

Thanks for any suggestions;  Sonflower
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Did the vet offer any low dose steroid options? I can't stand steroids since they mess up the immune system but I wonder if that would help. And what about oral antihistamines? Surely there must be a liquid form that could be calculated to the proper dose.

My folks had a dog with allergies, itchy feet, chewing problem. Mostly they had to watch the chewing part because he would develop infections then from the constant gnawing.
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Thanks for your responce...

The vet didn't offer anything, according to him there was no help to offer for my Lil' Chihuahua was just to small.

But I agree with you, there must be something to help him. However, I have not found any information via the internet nor the Foster's Catalog that I order his vitamins and etc from.

Do you have any information on canine oral antihistamines?

Thanks;  Sonflower
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Sorry, but no I don't. And dosing would have to be accurate. Funny to think that the vet said your dog was too small. I took care of a pet mouse for a friend. The mouse had multiple allergies and was taking oral steroids for his problems. I think if someone can dose a 25 gram mouse, they could dose a small dog.

Perhaps you could get a second opinion.
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