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guinea pig diet?

OK well i usually give my guinea pig 6-9 baby carrots a day is that too mutch  should i be worryied

    PS she doesn't have diarrhea and she is 8 mouths old and is playful and not any strange behavior
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as far as i know those little creatures eat as much as they need..so you shouldn't worry..if it's too much your pig will leave it there..and as long as she is playful and behaving the same way you shouldn't worry
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Actually, carrots are very sweet, and should be an occational treat.  Something such as sweet peppers or romaine lettuce are much better, and will provide the vitamin C that guinea pigs need.    See guinealynx.com for the best advice on guinea pig care.
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I am a hairless guinea pig breeder and I wanted to give you some advice..carrots are high in calcium and if given too much can cause bladder stones...also alfalfa hay can too..only give Timothy or orchard hay.just thought I would add that about the hay.:) I would cut the carrots down to a few baby carrots a few times a week...also give lots of romaine lettuce..it's full of vitamins and won't give them diarrhea like iceburg which has no vitamins....cilantro is good too...and parsley occasionally..if your piggie gets too much calcium their pee will have calcium deposits in it and will be whitish and sludgy..it will look white when it dries on a blanket or towel..hope this helps..and feed as many red peppers as you can! Really good source of vitamin c!:)
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Thanks for the advice. I don't recall feeding my piglets much except greens in addition to their normal GP food from the store. Carrots may be yummy but there is too much of a good thing, even chocolate for me.  (sigh)
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They say you should have a constant supply of second cut Timothy hay for your pigs at all times but growing up as a kid I don't ever remember doing so...but I do now and have for the past ten years...but skinny pigs need to eat more to keep their body temp up.....so they have to have the hay..I go thru over 150 lbs of baled hay a month and about 200 lbs of pellets a month to maintain 30 pigs plus their babies...but I know what you mean about the chocolate thing! I had cheesecake earlier!:)
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Guinea pigs must have the long fibers from hay to keep their digestion process going properly.  They also need a good plain guinea pig pellet.  I feed Oxbow.

Most importantly, they must receive Vitamin C in their diet.  Bell peppers are an excellent source.
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