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mole like bumps on ferret???

My ferret milo has gotten these black mole like things all  around his neck!? it started like a week ago and since then has gotten worse, they seem to multiply. I would take him to the vet but i dont have the money for it! is this something serious or what? Please help!!
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They're developing that quickly? Sounds like some kind of skin parasites. Not just your run-of-the-mill fleas either. Most rashes and fungal infections show up as red, inflamed and weepy. I just don't know.

How is he behaving? Still active and alert? His appetite OK? I doubt this is something you can treat on your own. Is there a ferret group in your area? Perhaps they've seen this before and can advise you. I deal with mink and weasels but I've never seen what you're describing.
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Wow...that sounds pretty disturbing!

Try posting a question in the Ask a Vet expert section here at MedHelp.   You can post in either the Pet Skin Problems forum or the General Health forum.

Good luck!!
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