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Airborne and Guinea Pigs

Can Airborne (the super-vitamin tablet that dissolves in water) kill guinea pigs?  My daughter has been giving a few drops of this to her guinea pig each day for about two days, because the guinea pig was sneezing and making a deep snorting sound.  The guinea pig has shown improvements with her breathing, but someone told us a medication like Airborne could cause an animal's stomach to explode.  Is this true?  If so, are there any other natural vitamin remedies that would help build up the guinea pig's immune system?
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Vitamin C is needed by guinea pigs but I'm not so sure about all the other ingredients. Some can cause an overdose and symptoms (Vit A and potassium for example). With any medicine or supplement, it's important to know the proper dose. The herbal ingredients - I have no idea if they're safe for guinea pigs.

As for the effervescence, if she's mixed a powder/tablet in the water and let the bubbles die down, then the piglet isn't going to "explode." I would never let an animal chew directly on the tablet though.
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Anytime a guinea pig has symptoms of illness, you need to get it to a vet ASAP.  Usually by the time symptoms such as this appear, you have a very sick animal.  And these little ones go down quickly.  I would not give any vitamins without a vet's advice.  And don't let any vet give penicillin.  It is deadly to guinea pigs.
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