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I am just about to have my 7th operation on my sinus.  I have Pseudomonas in the sinus which was being treated with Cipro, but the side effects were horrendous, ie unable to walk. Several months ago it showed up in my right eye and I had a sinus op and an abscess removed from behind the eye, which was caused by the Pseudomonas.
Now it is in my left eye, I am due to have and operation which will go into my upper lip and gum to try and get rid of all that is in there and fat moved from my tummy to fill the hole.
To say I am scared is an understatement, I am 70 in a few weeks and have lived with this for 6 years.
Any reassuring advice would be oh so appreciated.
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Hi Katiemouse,

Welcome to the Senior Health Forum. I am so sorry to hear about your six years of sinus problems. My heart goes out to you!

Pseudonymous can be difficult to treat, especially in the sinus area. I have had sinusitis that has taken 3-4 weeks to treat. I have also had sinus surgery and I know it can be a very uncomfortable procedure..... but your upcoming surgery is far more extensive. I hope you have a mate, trusted friend or family member that is able to offer you comfort and support.

Have you had a second opinion? I always think that is the best when a surgery is suggested. I would consult a physician associated with a large teaching hospital or one of our nationally known clinics. If you are already seeing one then you are probably with one of the best however a second opinion may still be beneficial.

MedHelp has several other forums that may be helpful. I encourage you to also post on them. These are specifically directed at your medical issues. Here's several links:



Please let us know how you are doing. We will do our best to support you too. Please let me know how you are doing. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Take Care... Blessings,
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thank you so much for reply, I have a wonderful hubby who is my carer, our hospital here in Albany is a teaching hospital, I had 3 of the ops in New Zealand and the rest here in West Aus, My eye specialist will be there, hope I do not wake up with an eye missing, then I can be called one eyed
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Hi Katiemouse,

Just checking to hear how you are doing!!! I hope you are not being called, "One-eyed" You have a terrific sense of humor. :o)

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It is all go, have to be in at 7.00am, this op is not done very often, I am having a biopsy on the eye at the same time, so yes I will be one eyed and I have dystonia Tortacollis, so I will be stiffed neck too.
I hope I can laugh this time tomorrow, but they say my face will be sore and swollen, fat lot of use it was putting on all those face creams for years, to keep the wrinkles away.
Looking forward to my 70th birthday next month...........I hope lol
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I'll be thinking of you tomorrow... and say a prayer. I hope this is 100% successful. When you are well enough post-op please let me know how it all went! I'll be very interested to hear how you are doing.... so please keep in touch.

Ah, you're still young yet .A Libra?? My mother's PCP says "old" is 90 .He has to be right, after all he's a Doctor!  So we have a long way to go girl!! Keep using those face creams!   :o)

My Best to You,
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