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Just saw a bit in the local tv news about this study with Dr. Richard Burt and stem cell transplants...one guys was interviewed...he had MS and was getting debilitated by the disease, affecting his eyesight, etc, muscles, right leg, etc...he underwent this study, and now he's in complete remission....they helped people with lupus and some other immune disease and heart disease...if anyone can find the actual study that would be great! Things are in the works!
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Wow - that's great. Lupus is just down the isle from RA.
Here's your link...pretty cool stuff - sign me up!


also info on anemia meds causing blood clots
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thanks for the info.  i too saw the news report and am excited to see stem cell research could be possible with hcvand finding a cure.  lets all hope that agressive research is done for hcv sufferers.
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Thanks for the info... What I find upsetting, when checking the clinical trials site for "liver disease AND stem cell,"  is that studies are being conducted in IRAN for treatment of cirrhosis with stem cells. I wonder how far we would be if federal funding of stem cell research was not prohibited.
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