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Caroli Disease associated with congential hepatic fibrosis

Hi all,
   I'm a liver transplanted patient living happy life now. But I want to understand why my liver got affected. Because 'm a tee-totaller. So when I saw my discharge summary I get to know I was affected with Caroli Disease associated with congential hepatic fibrosis. But when I search this in net. I got few information which I was not able to understand . Only thing I get to know is it's an genetical disorder. Can anyone please explain it and what is the risk of this in my child life.
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Hi Yench, there are many of us like yourself with strange diseases that catch us unaware. I have a disease that also leads to severe portal fibrosis, and a transplant with be the end result.

Have your doctors tested you for any autokmmune conditions? This is a frequent cause and will be hard to track down on occasion.
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