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my 6mth daughters kidneys failed from kidney stones

When my daughter was born her body made too much oxylate witch formed kidney stones in her kidneys. Untill she was 5 months old I didnt know this was happening to her. She caught a infection called streptococcus and thats when I called the ambulance. Thinking it was a bad flu and I was over reacting I called them anyway. She was in starship childrens hospital NZ on dialysis for 3weeks and faught the strep infection but the oxylate had got to her brain and it started to shrink. The docters told me she wudnt b a candidate to have a kidney transplant. They also said this was from hereditary reasons. theyve taken her off dialysis and said she will die after 2 weeks. My question is. There anyone any doctor specialist that can help my baby? She is still alive very active happy baby and its day 13 after being taken off dialysis. Help please .
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How are you?  How is your baby? Can you elaborate on the hereditary condition that the doctors mentioned? It is best that you talk to her attending physicians for proper evaluation and to help with the anxiety present since the start of the infection. Do keep us posted. Take care and hope to hear from you again.
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