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Discomfort ONLY when waking from nap!

I wake early and usually take a nap middle of the day (1 1/2 hours).  I always go to the bathroom just before laying down and I unzip my jeans.  Once in a while I'll wake feeling as if I'm on some road trip and missed the last 10 pit stops.  I urinate a large amount and then sort of ache for a few hours. Again, this only happens once in a while.

I am a big liquid drinker and might drink 1 to 2 cups of coffee early a.m. and 24 ounces or more of tea before my nap.  Today I also had an 8 ounce glass of water.

I usually wake once at night to urinate but don't have the discomfort then or in the morning when I wake. Of course, I am not drinking so much after supper.  

This happened yesterday and today. Yesterday I went to the walk in clinic and had a urine sample taken. The dip stick and little machine both said nothing showed in my urine but my doctor gave me Macrobid, which scared me, so he then called in Keflex 500 mg 3 x's a day for 7 days and sent the urine out for a culture.  

I used to have UTI's when I was a young woman and had all the usual tests which came back with no problems.  I do have constipation several times a month and yesterday afternoon, after seeing the doctor, finally went. I use foods such as Figs or other fibers for the constipation.  

I've only had 2 very minor UTI's in the last 30 years.

I have an overactive bladder and stress incontinence. I will NOT use estrogen!  I have atrophic vaginitis and vaginal stenosis due to menopause over 10 years ago. Saw my GYN 2 months ago. I urinate anytime I have the slightest urge during the day (stay at home wife).

The only medicine I use is Klonopin for anxiety after colon cancer / liver resection 3 years later. PET scan, CT and abdominal MRI 2 months ago all perfect. My blood work is always good. I am not diabetic and only about 5 lbs overweight.

Can the discomfort just be from an over stretched bladder since it only happens occasionally?  Could the constipation and then straining for several days cause a nerve type irritation that causes this discomfort?  

Thoughts? Suggestions?  
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