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Frequent Bladder Infections

I am seeking help for my 8 year old daughter.  She has been experiencing very frequent bladder infections for 2.5 years, has went through extensive testing, and had a partial nephrectomy one year ago.  However, she continues to get bladder infections as frequent as she did prior to her surgery.  While part of her kidney was not functioning and apparently needed to be removed, the infections and related issues continue.  At this point, we have been told that it is simply her body chemistry.  I cant accept this is normal, that she must remain on daily antibiotics and still get infections, and I am very concerned about the long-term impacts/risks.

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Recurrent urine infections could be due to various reasons. Most common cause is stones in kidney which is blocking urine pathway. Other causes are diabetes and of course childhood infections. The urine can also be due to retention of urine anywhere in its flow due t obstruction. The obstruction can be due to abnormality of structures since birth, stones or diseases like tumors. So you should get a ultrasound, CT scan done and a cystoscopy done. Please discuss these possibilities with your daughter’s doctor.

I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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