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Pls help

For almost two years now, my boyfriend gets a whitish discharge and painful testis after sex with me. stds and stis have been conducted but it all came out negative. The doctors keep saying its an infection and after treatment with antibiotics, he seems ok. My problem is, what is causing the infection because anytime we have sex, he gets infection and am also clean of any stds
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Hi there,
The common cause of pain in your case could be sexual arousal which does not terminate in ejaculation. This can cause congestion in the sperm carrying tubes and a sensation of pain in the testicle.This is a harmless condition and disappears within few minutes. If the symptoms are severe and persistent you should get investigated for other conditions. Any direct injury, infection of the testes and epididymus, epidydymal cyst, varicocoele, hernia and torsion of the testes can cause testicular pain. A clinical evaluation may be necessary. Do write to me again.
Best wishes and take care!
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Thank you
He has been diagnosed with UTI, but all the medicines (antibiotics) given him didnt work
We are worried and we have even stopped having sex
What could be the problem
Very worried
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