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Any suggestions?
I drink A LOT of water and dont have sugary drinks. So why won't it go away?
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Antibiotics from your doctor are the only thing that will clear a uti. I have had over 20 of them in my life. My last one I did two rounds of antibiotics and they didn't work I ended up having to get a shot of rocephin.
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Some women need antibiotics for a uti so you should tell your doctor asap because if it gets worse it could cause preterm labor. Me I've had utis a handful of times during my life and 1 in pregnancy mine go away with drinking all water and a gallon of cranberry juice my doctor says some can just flush out their systems others need antibiotics. I would've gotten antibiotics if it lasted longer than a week. But it didn't. Call your doctor
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They are a lot harder to get rid of while you are pregnant And also usually require a more powerful antibiotic via script. Seek help iimmediately. If left untreated it can turn into a kidney infection that can infect your blood stream and kill baby. I learned the hard way with my first and we got very close to the infection point after having the UTI for literally one week to the day.
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Co-amoxiclav tablets - please see a dr

uti is dangerous if left untreated. ..
I'm on antibiotics now for one and after reading →ladybeeley comment I definitely gonna finish my antibiotics :(
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Cranberry juice is always recommended for uti's. Drink some of that but make sure its not just the sugary cocktail. If that doesn't clear it up call your doctor and she can prescribe antibiotics! Don't risk hurting the baby and waiting call them and explain what's going on.
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I been having a uti.my whole pregnant and.it ***** but sometimes it wont go away mine finally went away but i have a feeling itll be back
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Drinking lots of water is not enough. You must take certain precautions also.Like, if you are having sex with your partner frequently.then after having sex go for pee. This will help you to flush out your bacteria with urine and prevent you from having UTI again.  
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D mannose. It cleared up my recurrent Utis. I've veen uti free for a couple of years after getting them several times a month. I thought things were totally hopeless, esp after seeing a urologist who put me on nitrofuriton as a preventative method. D mannose is herbal and basically a life changer. It's a sugar capsule or powder. I take it roughly once a day.. it binds to ecoli, the bacteria which causes the infection for most women. I'm a 25 y/o runner; no health issues. No side effects. happy to discuss further about my experience. I know how terrible they are and want to spread the word to women having similar issues.
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