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UTI due to E.Coli

I have had UTI 2 years ago due to various strains, mainly due to sex. The last UTI I had was from e.coli and somehow, after antibiotics, it went away. But there was always this heavy feeling when I pee but it gradually went away.
Then 2 months ago, I went sexually active - actually just twice for two nights! And then I started peeing blood and I had a dose of antibiotics and then it went away.
I am also laxative dependent and when I started taking laxatives again, UTI came back because I had infected myself and I peed blood again and have been on 3 rounds of antibiotics (around 4 in total. the first one was Cefuroxime. Then Cipro, which I was advised to continue despite the bacteria being resistant to it. Then Cefuroxime again, then finally Amoxicillin) and now whenever I try to pass stool, with less diarrhea, I still have the UTI discomfort. No longer burning but the urgency is there and that heavy feeling.

I have been taking almost everything aside from the antibiotics. D-Mannose, UTI Clear, Oregano, Uva Ursi, Olive, Lactoferrin, Vitamin C, Apple Cider Vinegar, Barley and Lemon - EVERYTHING I COULD THINK OF.

Cut off sugar and starch and anything that could feed the bacteria. Had my CT scan and my kidneys and bladder were clear. But everytime I pass stool, the discomfort comes back DESPITE BEING SUPER CRAZY HYGENIC. Cleaning thoroughly, washing twice and wiping with antiseptic and even spraying.

I am getting depressed and hopeless and it's ruining my life.
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