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blood clots from urethra

Hi...I have been having a series of u.t.i which seem to recur despite being on antibiotics..also at times when sexually aroused while with a girl clots seem to form in urethra and cause difficulty to urinate when I visit the loo..the urine has to push out the clot first which needs some hard pushing, thereafter the urine flows normally..what could be the problem?
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There are several conditions causing blood clots in urethra. Infection of the urinary tract, Benign familial hematuria or basement membrane disease, kidney stones and sickle cell disease are few of them. A detailed analysis of the history, the medical history of the patient and details about  whether the patient is experiencing pain while urinating, the shape and the size of the blood clots, and time pattern or at what time during urination the clots appear are all helpful. The diagnostic tests that may be carried out are blood test, urinalysis, urine culture, ultrasound of the abdomen and renal tract. In few cases  CT scan, cystoscopy may be needed if above mentioned tests do not provide any clue. Treatment for hematuria depends on the underlying causes. Keep me posted.
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thank you so much for your response. I have undergone CT scan which showed everything was normal..also done the cystoscopy which showed mild signs of urethritis and was put on antibiotics. Recently some tests showed that I have varicoceles in the right testicle..could the varicoceles be the cause of the clots?looking forward to your feedback and thanks again
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