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Red tinge on pad with bladder leakage

I have been leaking urine for a while now and its turning a red tinge on my panty liner. I have had a hyst in 2008 so its not a period or anything like that.No ovaries,uterus,cervix nothing all is gone. Im pretty sure its NOT blood.
The red will be after a night of leaking or after a day of wearing a pad.
Does the urine react with something on the pad to turn it that color or is there something wrong. I will be asking my urologist this too.
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Please do get in to see your Dr. as you say you have been leaking urine for a while...so I am assuming the tinge of red is a new thing and the urine leaking is not...Also, have you seen a urogynecologist in regards to your leaking? You many have a prolapsed bladder and this is the dr. to see for this. Good luck at your Dr. appointment and let us know what you find out! Better to just get in and not have to worry about what might be going on.
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What does your Urologist say about your bladder leakage?
Dont rule out the possibility of it being a small amount of blood.  Do you get UTIs?  You may need your urine tested to see if you have a infection.
I am glad you are going to talk to your Urologist about this.
If you have a prolapse you can get an appt with a Urogynecologist to get advise on treatment.  
Have you ever seen a women physio for help with leakage and pelvic floor strength?

Let us know how you get on
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Thank you for your replies. I did see my uro and I am having a cystoscopy on Friday to check for any bladder problems, how much my bladder can hold and also to see how bad my prolapse is.I do have both rectal and bladder prolapse. I have been putting surgery off for as long as I can. I also have EDS and have been in therapy as well as taking meds. Dr seems to think I am past both sources now and surgery may be my only option.
He doesnt think the red is blood but a reaction with my urine and the chemicals used on the pad itself. I have been checked for UTIs over and over but they are always negative so he is putting them down to IC flare ups.
I will let you know how my cysto goes.
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Please do let us know what you find out...IC can actually be a reason for blood in the urine...so if you leak and have no infection the blood tinge could be IC...The cystoscopy should hopefully give you some answers...
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Do you have any pain in your bladder?  I wish you well with your tests.  Let us know how you get on
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