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Looking for your views.

What are your views on shaving "down there"? Sorry if it's a little personal, I just wanna see what people prefer.
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Maybe it's just my age or my sensitivity to shaving but I think just keeping it well trimmed is good.  Being itchy and having stubble is not sexy in my books.  Way too much maintenance!
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If I could maintain it myself without all that nasty stubble and itchiness, yes, if not, I am not comfortable with someone else getting that personal!  I was always taught, that is mine and cover it up, no let no one see it!  I would die a thousand deaths just to think of someone doing that to me! lol
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I shaved Tasmania (look at a map of Australia and you will see why I call it Tasmania 'down there') many years ago at the insistence of a boyfriend. MAN! I hated the regrowth! It hurt sooooo much! my undies and the new hair were like Velcro! Pain extrodinaire! Plus being a fair skinned redhead, most of the hairs become ingrown and I ended up with lots of itty bitty pimples that totally hurt!
  You'd think I would have learned my lesson, but I did it again when another boyfriend came along. Same problems, even though he showed me to shave WITH the grain of the growth NOT against it. Still didn't make it less painful for the regrowth!
NOW I say NO way!
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I shave and keep it shaven down there. Lot of maintance yes but I prefer it that way.
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I just trim...I will never shave ever again...OUCH!!
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oops just noticed and from every1's comments u did mean actually shaving yeah well no way in that case lol! I sneak hubbys trimmers and keep it very short but actually shaven no way on the top part cant stand it the lower half yes i do! i just put the monistat itch cream after wards and it dont hurt but the top part just burns like heck if you shave it bare!

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