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I've been a Chronic Asthmatic all my life. I'm 60yrs.  For the past 11 months I have had under both breast and mid to upper back muscle spasms. Did PT, gone through CT Scan, Bariam scan, MRI, and xrays. All the blood works and NO results for spasms. Been diagnosed with PMR (PolyMyalga Rhuematica) because I have stiffness from shoulders to hips. Treated with Prednizone (which is normal with every Asthma attack). Currently again on tapering Prednizones, Muscle relaxant, Nerve pain meds(which helps me sleep ) Gerd for reflux.
I gain weifgt everytime I do Preds and just as I get to my normal weight 164LB, I'm on Preds again. Quite the norm for me.
However, this muscle spasms has thrown me for a loop. Seen Neurologist, Rhuematologist, Endoscopolist, PhysioTherapist, Pulmanologist and none know why I have muscle spasms.
My Vit D stays depleted even though I tave 14000mg every 2nd day. Low Magnesium and Potassium too even though I take high dosage supplements everyday.
There must be a reason why these vitamins is being depleted and I do belief it's somehow the culprit to muscle spasms.
Any advise or suggestions are welcome. I just want to get over this pain
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